Dinie van den Heuvel
Sustainable fashion demystified
I help designers and fashion professionals navigate
sustainability to boost their careers, brands and make
a real positive impact on our industry

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During my 15+ years of sustainable fashion experience and coaching, I’ve helped dozens of fashion students and established designers implement Sustainability in their line of work. Concept and ideas to enhance your knowledge and skills!

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Typical queries include

Collection review for students/designers

Sustainable design concept coaching

Sustainable sourcing strategy for designers

Sustainable Fashion buying strategy for retailers

Job interview coaching for Sustainbility


Dinie Van Den Heuvel was the best mentor I could
wish for and it was a great collaboration. Her immense
knowledge of sustainability and critical thinking encouraged me to dig deeper and showed me how vital Fiberstorm.ch is. Not only does Dinie have incomparable expertise, but she is also very eager to educate and share her knowledge. Thank you for this extraordinary collaboration Dinie!
Mara Rodriguez

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