SEW WHAT?!? The Book you have been looking for!

Most fashion is hopelessly outdated.

Sustainability is still a cry in the dark at most fashion houses, independent designers, and fashion schools. Everyone knows moving towards sustainable circular practices is the much-needed true design revolution, but only some know how to implement it.

“SEW What?!” is the book for decision-makers and practitioners in the fashion industry, including established and aspiring designers, brand owners, students, and fashion lovers who want to participate in making fashion relevant again. With the right tools, designing sustainable irresistible fashion is only limited by your own creativity.

Written by Dinie van den Heuvel, an experienced designer, educator, and sustainability consultant, Dinie is on a quest to help the avant-garde designers of today and tomorrow adopt truly future-oriented practices.
With over 15 years of sustainability practice, she has seen the industry cry out for change; this book is her answer.

Join the tribe of change-makers and liberate yourself from stigmas around sustainability in fashion. With “SEW What?!”, you’ll have the tools you need to design sustainably and enjoy benefits such as reduced environmental impact, enhanced brand reputation, improved cost-efficiency, increased creativity, and positive social impact.